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Illustrated Flora: Part of Western Uttar Pradesh and Delhi NCR, India
Jyoti K. Sharma, Amit K. Tripathi, Mohd. Ahmad
ISBN : 9789387387003 (Hard Bound)
Pages : 623
Year : 2018
Weight : 0
Price : Rs. 6995.00

As a first step towards conservation and sustainable utilization of biodiversity, documentation of flora and fauna of the region attains top priority. In this context floristic studies of a particular area/region are vital for conservation of native and endemic species of flora and for bringing awareness about the value of wild plants and their uses. For any floristic study authentic identification/recognition of plants in the field is a major challenge since there are a large number of vernacular and common names for the same species as well as different plant species have the same common name. Hence, besides the taxonomic description, to facilitate field identification for the first time the Book provides original photographs of all the plants recorded in the flora illustrating morphology of leaf, flower and fruits besides their common names, vernacular names in Hindi and Sanskrit, habit, habitat and distribution. Also provided for each species are chemical properties, medicinal properties and folklore and traditional medicinal uses which have been compiled from extensive literature search. The book also provides a Glossary of medical and taxonomic terms used as well as an appendix giving the properties of medicinal plant species used for various diseases and ailments in traditional and folk systems of medicines. It is hoped that the book will be equally useful to students, teachers, and researchers of Botany/Plant taxonomy/Ethnobotany/Ayurveda/Biochemistry in Colleges and Universities in India and elsewhere and it will generate interest in local plants and their conservation.

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