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Postmodern Turn of Tourism in India
S. Fazal D. Firdausi
ISBN : 9788193593738 (Hard Bound)
Pages : 108
Year : 2018
Weight : 0
Price : Rs. 799.00

The book provides an in-depth analysis of blooming postmodern form of tourism in India through a detailed account of prominent theme parks situated in Urban Tourist Centres of Tamil Nadu coastal plain. The book also tries to trace and analyse the recent spurt in domestic and foreign tourism in India. It evaluates the idea of ‘quest of authenticity’ that has boosted all forms of modern mass-tourism worldwide in Indian conditions with the help of range of secondary sources and primary data from Tamil Nadu coastal plain. The book provides some intriguing insights on the characteristics of post-tourists (postmodern tourists) visiting the region, exhibiting interesting variations among domestic and foreign ones.

Dr. S. Fazal Daoud Firdausi is currently working as an Assistant Professor at Competitive Examinations Centre, Savitribai Phule Pune University (University of Pune). He is a trained Geographer with specialisation in the field of Tourism and Political Geography. He has been actively engaged in research pertaining to various aspects of tourism for more than five years. Dr. Fazal has published several articles in journals of National and International repute. He is among the few scholars in India who have been unearthing and researching critical issues concerning geographical dimensions of tourism in general and postmodern tourism in particular.

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