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Climate Variations and Marine Fishers
Dr. S. Surapa Raju
ISBN : 9788193384244 (Hard Bound)
Pages : 140
Year : 2018
Weight : 0
Price : Rs. 895.00

Climate change can impact fisheries through multiple path-ways. Changes in water temperature, precipitation and oceanographic variables, such as wind velocity, wave action and sea level rise, can bring about significant ecological and biological changes to marine and freshwater ecosystems and their resident fish populations, directly impacting peoples whose livelihoods depend on those ecosystems. Overall increase in the temperature throughout the year, long dry seasons and sea surface temperature rise- as observed by the communities living along the coast as well as the experts adversely affect the fish breeding and movement; trigger rough sea conditions. This has made the livelihood of the small scale fishing families vulnerable. Climate change creates severe challenges for the livelihoods of people in general and particularly for fishing Communities. These communities need to be empowered through revival of people’s traditional knowledge and sustainable scientific patterns and practices in capture fishing activities by considering the impact of climate variations. The field based study on “Climate Variations and its Impact on Fishers” was carried out by the author to assess the impact of climate variations on marine fisher communities and its impact on village economy of Andhra Pradesh with the financial assistance of ICSSR, New Delhi. This study analyzed the impact of climate variations on (i) Marine fisher households; and (ii) Village economy. The book makes clear that lot of changes have taken place on fishing operations, catches and their livelihoods due to climate variations and it adversely affects particularly on livelihoods of traditional fishers. It also affected the village economy in terms of fish production and employment. This book is very much useful for planners, researchers and administrators in formulating policies and programmes.

Dr. S. Surapa Raju, is Assistant Professor, Council for Social Development (CSD), Hyderabad, an autonomous research institute supported by the Indian Council for Social Science Research (ICSSR). He has been with CSD for nearly three decades. Primarily interested in Fisheries Economics, Rural Development and Education, he has been on the research team of as many as 35 Research Projects related to fisheries, agriculture and others funded by State and Central Governments, NABARD, World Bank, etc. With a specialization in the fisheries sector and fishing communities, he has travelled widely in Coastal, Riverine and Inland fishing villages across Andhra Pradesh, gaining a personal experience and understanding of the problems and issues that beset fishing communities across these ecological areas. As a constituency characterized by high skill, very strong religio-cultural practices, insular community structures and chronic poverty, this sector prompted Dr. Raju to focus his research work on fishing communities examining closely the impact of development programmes, the sources of social disadvantage and marginalization and the relevance, distribution and spread of development aid in this sector, and a close study of common property resources in marine villages. He has completed four research projects on “Fishers”, funded by NABARD, ICSSR and Planning Commission. He has presented many papers on “Small-scale Fisheries” at national and international seminars and published 30 papers in various reputed journals and in edited books. He has published two books entitled “Development of Fishermen community through Technology” by The Associated Publisher and “Economics of Motorized Crafts in Fishery by Astral International (P) Ltd., New Delhi. He was a member in sub-committee on Allied Agriculture (Livestock, Fisheries and Poultry) in committee on “Inclusive and Sustainable Agriculture Development of Andhra Pradesh” headed by Prof. R. Radhakrishna. He is also editorial board member in “Journal of Fisheries Economics and Development.

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